Adam s Peak

Adam s Peak

Adam s Peak, also known as Sri Pada (sacred footstep) and Samanala Kanda (butterfly mountain), is a conical mountain standing at 2,243 metres tall (7,359 feet) in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. One of the most sacred places of Buddhist. According to the Sri Lanka s great chronicle, Mahawamsa, Loard Buddha visited Sri Lanka three times. The lasttime he traveled from Kelaniya to Sri Pada, and then to Digavaphi. It is said that Buddha left his foot print on the rock at top of the mountain at the invitation of the Deity Saman (Saman Deviyo). Annually, many Buddhist trekking to this amazing place and there are many customs have been gathered with his pilgrims.

Trekking up the mountain is extremely popular with both tourists and locals, who are allured by its mystery as well as the enchanting beauty they are rewarded with at the top. Sunrise in the morning cant be explained in words because it is truly fascinating. December to April is the perfect time to enjoy the superb surroundings. Also, there are pure water streams to really enjoy the cool climate in Adam s Peak.  Sri Pada Mountain can be spotted many butterflies and that is truly amazing and breathtaking. Nevertheless, it is known as a perfect place for watching birds as well.

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